Making Worship Service Engaging

There are millions of Churches all across the globe, from small to large congregations, where people attend at least two services a week. They come and sit in the audience only to observe, never raising their hands in surrender and reverence to God. This type of behavior grieves the Holy Spirit, we were created to worship God. You may be asking why is this? Well, there are several reasons why. Some may feel as though they can’t relate, or that they do not fit. This kind of thinking stunts the worship environment, causing the Worship Leader to have to cheer to motivate the people to react.

Unfortunately we are living in a microwave society, where people want things to happen quick. However, there’s a solution to this problem. First, we must model what true worship is, not just when we step on a stage to sing praises to God. This is only a small portion of Worship. What we do in secret, God will reward openly. So, spend some time alone with God. Secondly, sing songs that are congregational and easy for the people to follow. As a Worship Leader, we can help make the environment inviting, by yielding to the Holy Spirit, allowing him to have control over the Service, rather than sticking to a routine. Change it up a bit and watch the anointing flow. Incorporate songs the people can relate to, lead out of a yielded heart. When we worship in Spirit and in Truth, exalting God as the only wise, true and living King, we direct the people right into the throne room. And oh what an experience that is! If you are a Praise and Worship Leader, I encourage you to listen to the voice of God when leading your congregation and watch the anointing oil flow!


Author: Laronda Dawson

Hi Iam Laronda Dawson a Woman Of God, Mother, Wife, Singer, Songwriter, Author and Entrepreneur. I love spending quality time with my family, gardening, antiques and interior decorating.

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